Customer Testimonials

"The part of my job I enjoy more than anything is that moment when you know you've made a positive impact on someone's life." - Laura Leach, Managing Director, Meredith Consulting LLC


"Your business needs high functioning product managers to be successful. Laura has a unique ability to track down and find those specialized skill sets. She approaches the entire hiring life cycle with honesty, transparency, and integrity, which in my opinion are the most important ingredients to getting hiring managers connected to the right candidates. Right away, everyone has their expectations set - from what an ideal candidate looks like to why the role, the team, and the company are a great fit to advance your career. Getting this fit right from the outset makes your hiring decisions easier and will ultimately reduce your churn down the line."  

Eric Leach, VP Product Management, Apcera, Inc.


"I have worked with Laura for one of my job opportunities and I must admit that she has been one of the best HR professionals that I have met. I have found her very organized, detail oriented and exceedingly easy to work with. She is unique among the many recruiters that I have worked with - successfully holding interests for both - of the company and that of the candidate. She not only understands the organization's requirements but also fully understand the candidate's aspirations. She has a unique quality of making a good match between company needs and a professional’s desires. I recommend her highly and will look forward to work with her in future."



"When Laura reached out to me regarding a role I had applied for, I knew within minutes that she was unlike any other talent recruiter I had met within my 12+ years in marketing. In addition to being clear and upfront about the role I was applying for and the particular skills her client was looking for, what made her immediately stand out was her energy, enthusiasm, and passion for the company she was representing. Immediately, I felt like this was a company I wanted to be a part of. Throughout the duration of my application process, she was a consummate professional who made every effort to be responsive and transparent. I felt that her consideration and treatment of me was a clear sign that she was not simply trying to fill head count, but that she truly cared about the company she was working for. As we all know that job hunting can be an emotional and stressful ordeal, Laura was a breath of fresh air. I truly enjoyed working with her. She is not only a great recruiter but, more importantly, a good soul." -

Angelique Marquez-Salomone, Product MarketingManager