Why Laura

During my twenty years as a technical recruiter and talent leader, I came to equate getting paid to make placements with success. The equation was the same whether I was placing candidates at small start-ups or large multi-million-dollar companies and whether on behalf of boutique agencies, national agencies, or even my own recruiting company!

By all measures I was killing it, but the outcome was a feeling that I could be having a greater impact. One day I resolved to change the both the equation and the measure of success, which led me here.

I've always coached, preparing candidates for interviews, guiding them through negotiations, aligning business needs to individual strengths. I found my true passion; using the coaching techniques gathered over the years to build confidence and preparation, create clear and actionable job search tactics, and build the strategic methodology that helped thousands of professionals land their dream role.

Let me help you create a strategy to discover your strengths, passions, and goals.

You can reach me at laura@meredithconsultingllc.com or book a time for us to chat!

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