If a great candidate experience is a competitive advantage, what are you doing about it?

In our household we live according to a few simple guidelines, using them to teach our 10 and 7 year old girls simple yet valuable life lessons. I truly believe these guidelines can also be used to create a positive candidate experience.

A memorable candidate experience has a direct impact on attracting and recruiting top talent. The quality and consistency of this experience is defined by your team and the process you practice. By having a solid plan of  engagement, transparency, and appreciation, you will shape a candidate’s impression of your organization and ultimately impact their decision on whether to take your offer over the competition’s.  

Be respectful - Share the expected process and timeline for interviewing.

Be honest - Commit to communicating openly with the candidate. Follow through with your candidate on the timeline you agree - don’t leave her hanging. Allow your candidates access to you by providing your direct contact information.

Be responsible - Implement practices that make the most sense for the role and the team.  Break up an interview panel to investigate different competencies. Remember, not every interviewer is qualified to evaluate the right answers for every role.

Be grateful - We are in a candidate driven market stocked with quality talent who have come to expect a sharp employer brand, a speedy interview process, and open lines of communication.

Be kind - Finding a job nears the top of the list of life’s great stresses. Yes, it can be tedious to put together a thoughtful response to a candidate you aren’t even intending to interview, but they deserve to know their status in the hiring process. A kind word in a sea of unanswered queries will set you apart.

Candidates who are hired after positive experiences are more likely to be productive right from the get go, already committed to your team’s goals. Those who are not hired walk away from a positive experience feeling respected and appreciated. Remember, all candidates talk both online and offline.

At Meredith Consulting, we implement the tips outlined above and would love to help you streamline your hiring process.